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Royal Hunt: XIII - The Devil’s Dozen

Danish-American survivors’ keep their public happy.

Since the return of DC Cooper’s distinctive vocal tones to Royal Hunt’s line-up, these Danish symphonic metallers have found themselves creatively reinvigorated, and the wonders of crowdfunding have facilitated this (can you guess?) 13th album, which returns once more to a reassuringly familiar stylistic template.

So Right So Wrong and A Tear In The Rain feature a winning metallic riff in an orchestral swell, building the platform for an insistent, trademark wind-in-the-hair chorus. And while the plot thickens a little on Riches To Rags’ flute-strewn prog tempo, their natural habitat is melodic, foot-on-the-monitors, wind-machine-in-the-hair metal.

The 50-minute running time for an eight-track album reflects their penchant for turning every song into a mini-epic, and while only Until The Day’s power balladry comes close to a change of pace, Royal Hunt are clearly giving their audience what they want, and it will surely be gratefully received.