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Rolo Tomassi and Conjurer at Borderline, London - live review

The Gospel - live

Crowd shot

Tonight one of Holy Roar’s brightest stars are headlining the iconic Soho venue, but openingare one of the label’s next hopes. CONJURER’s [8] blend of sludgy riffing and blistering post-metal shakes the walls and rattles the teeth of the sold-out crowd – hopefully there’s more of the same from their upcoming debut. Tonight’s headliners, on the other hand, have just announced their fifth album, and judging by the two new songs tonight, it’s vicious, experimental and beautiful. ROLO TOMASSI [9] haven’t played a gig for over a year, but there are no signs of ring rust. Eva Spence’s terrifying performance is hypnotic as the band jitter and hammer through the best of their catalogue. Party Wounds, Opalescent and I Love Turbulence are all delivered with pristine precision and acidic aggression. RT are survivors of a UK scene now all-but-forgotten, but the bond between the band and their fans is strong, and you have to believe something really special is just around the corner.