Rock Candy Funk Party: We Want Groove

Blues star channels his inner Harlem pimp.

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Joe Bonamassa’s tendency to use the word ‘cats’ in interviews has always hinted that he has latent funk leanings. And so it proves on his hook-up here with Tal Bergman and Ron DeJesus’s revolving-door LA outfit.

At its best, We Want Groove prompts involuntary shape-throwing from men who should know better, with the buttery squelch of Octopus-e and the blaxploitation rug-cut of Spaztastic both coming on like near-miss pitches for the Shaft theme. Elsewhere, like so much instrumental improv, it vamps itself into a corner: New York Song is a six-minute snooze; and if you agree with the title of late-night dreamscape The Best Ten Minutes Of Your Life, then you’ve had a pretty sheltered one.

We’ve had blues Bonamassa, soul Bonamassa, hard rock Bonamassa… You have to applaud the man’s talent for skin-shedding, but, despite some strong moments, you suspect this one might drop off his CV.