Rising – Oceans Into Their Graves album review

Sludgy Danes resurrect themselves with a new, creepy cast

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Three years after they disbanded, Rising are back with a new bassist, new singer Morten Grønnegaard and a fresh batch of tunes.

Borrowing progressive nuances from Mastodon and Baroness, their third album adds uptempo grooves with the old-school flavour of Scandinavian retro rockers like Horisont. It makes sense; Rising hail from Denmark and the stereotype of the Nordic nations being excellent songwriters rings true.

Old Jealousy is a stomper, starting in foot-tapping form and building into a glorious refrain – a sign that adding an extra guitar to the mix has given this band the added oomph to take them to the next level. The sonic thickness that comes from making this three-piece a four-piece since their last album has also contributed to the creepy vibe that emerges in songs like The Anger and for anyone who likes doom, this one in particular will have a place on the shelf. While not bringing anything new per se to the table, Rising’s gutsy take on sludge/doom is drenched in melody and atmosphere.