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Reckless Love: Animal Attraction

Scandinavian nouveau cock rockers fail to keep it up.

Finland’s Reckless Love are on a mission to recreate the Sunset Strip in Downtown Helsinki. Like Steel Panther minus the knob gags, their second album is a gleefully dumb throwback to sleazier times, when men dressed like blind Italian hookers and the hole in the ozone layer was a glimmer in CC DeVille’s eye.

Animal Attraction charges out of the cage like a randy panther. The towering title track is Def Leppard on Viagra, Speedin’ comes on like Van Halen on a diet of free-range mooseburgers, while supremely cheesy club-banger Hot straddles that fine line between high end Camembert and Kraft Single. So far, so frothy.

But then they go and screw it up by misplacing both their tunes and their sense of fun, leaving the likes of Fight and On The Radio humping lamp posts. The musical equivalent of a 60-second wonder.