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Purple: (409)

Texan trio’s refreshing debut.

It doesn’t make sense on paper, but there’s a lot to be said for a singing drummer. Especially when she can belt it out like Hanna Brewer, the one-woman stick blizzard and throatal assault that is one-third of Texas garage delinquents Purple.

On this debut album’s opening track Wallflower, accompanied by Taylor Busby’s scything guitar shapes, she sounds like Jane’s Addiction featuring a post-op Perry Farrell, and her vocal duels with Busby’s male perspective make for a riotous, gleeful punk rock noise, accompanied by a sound that takes in Pixies-style staccato hooks on Leche Loco and surf-pop harmonies on Beach Buddy.

In a rock scene full of posers, they make being in a band look and sound like the best fun you can have with your clothes on./o:p