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Prosperina: Harness - Minus

Widely praised Welsh modern rockers up their game

This fine three-piece band from South Wales have enjoyed the status of critical darlings; their first album in 2012, Faith In Sleep, attracted rave notices across the board.

Now comes a sublime follow-up. Purely on a superficial level, Prosperina could be accused of laziness. Songs such as Chase To The Throne, Graveyard Of Ambition and the glistening Here Lie The Ruins tend to rumble along in a majestic, often hypnotic manner. They’re chunky and muscular enough, though rarely does this seem to involve breaking into a sweat. The trick lies in the inventiveness of their arrangements. Like all of the best power trios, Prosperina utilise lead vocals as an additional instrument, the rich, confident delivery of guitarist Gethin Woolcock supplying a deeply hummable backdrop to the pitch-dark heaviness of their instrumentation. This is superb stuff.

Via Maybe