Papa Roach: The Connection

Nu metal survivors get the electronic itch

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Since kickstarting the second wave of nu metal with their 2000 breakthrough, Infest, Papa Roach have refused to die, returning stronger each time with more pop metal hits fit for dancefloors and pits alike.

Taking off from where last effort Metamorphosis left off, The Connection is brimming with huge hooks from opener Still Swingin’ onwards, and enough swagger and balls to wipe the floor with contemporaries. From the clean-cut Not That Beautiful to massive chart-bothering anthem Leader Of The Broken Hearts, each track has a chorus that’ll instantly embed itself in your head.

Jacoby Shaddix also brings his A game, with Wish You’d Never Met Me’s heartfelt and raw lyrics in particular, dealing with recent personal issues as they bring a gritty undercurrent to the sheen.

What may come as a big shock is a huge emphasis on keyboards and electronics throughout. Though it never descends into Linkin Park’s recent dirge-fests or dubstep imitation, these elements works better in the background of dance/rock hybrid Silence Is The Enemy, and not when drowning the promising Won’t Let Up. There will still be those unwilling to give them a second chance, but Papa Roach have defiantly proved their calibre once more.