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Outside The Coma: The Battle Of Being

Sikth frontman finds another route to the future

From the moment Outpatients’ drum’n’bass rhythm kicks in, it’s too late.

The black magic spell of Outside The Coma has been cast and you’re dragged into their nightmarish world of industrialised, mechanical noise twisted into shape by a robot designed to murder musical conventions.

The experimental flair that flows throughout The Battle Of Being is one of intensity and comes from a place where few dare to tread – the psyche of Mikee Goodman.

It’s like riding a rickety wooden rollercaster – you never know if you’re truly safe, but that’s the thrill. From the disjointed marching anthem Flavour Of The Weak to the yelping audiofuckery of Nosebleed, there are layers upon layers of electro-maniacal metallic mayhem being forged. The dual vocals of Mikee and Yuuri B Joux bounce off each other like heated atoms and conjure images of two villains in Power Rangers serenading you before your doom, while L.I.F.E. is the sound of a cyborg Willy Wonka going to war. The machines are winning, but they make a hell of a racket.

Faux Northerner. Online Editor for Metal Hammer. Host and Producer of the Metal Hammer Podcast. A bigger Simpsons fan than you.