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Orianthi's O fails to build on early promise

You can't fault Orianthi's style on fourth solo album O, but the songs fall short

Orianthi: O album artwork
(Image: © Frontiers)

Australian guitar goddess Orianthi gets her solo career back on track after a seven-year gap that included a four-year musical and personal detour with Richie Sambora that arguably did her few favours (and him even less). 

But whether largely repeating the format of her 2013 album Heaven In This Hell is the right way to go about it is debatable.

You can’t fault her 80s guitar style (heavy on gain and compression) – which so impressed the likes of Steve Vai, Santana, Carrie Underwood, Alice Cooper, and Michael Jackson who enlisted her for the ill-fated This Is It band. 

However, what sounded like a launch pad for her guitar and bluesier-than-Avril Lavigne voice has never really taken off. The same goes for some of the songs here, alas, which have failed to build on the early promise.