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Okkultokrati: Night Jerks

Norwegian punks journey through the looking glass

Originally an all-out punk

The result is Night Jerks, a bastard child of My War, Swans, post-punk and early 80s goth, topped by a black-metal rasp. If Cosmic Wynter, the 16-minute instrumental sound collage that closes the whole thing will probably be a step too far to some, you could argue there’s still some familiar ground, like the title track, to hang on to. Yet you’ll still have to navigate between Moon Daggers, whose fuzzy guitar sound seems to have been lifted from very early Soundgarden and the proto-industrial night rumblings of Vera Crux, a martial goth dance that solemnly resonates from a dark and cold place. Still, as diverse and truly demented as this may sound, as a whole Night Jerks amounts to one fucked up yet very unique ritual.

Via Fysisk