Nonpoint: The Return

Floridian also-rans with lots of polish and very little dazzle

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There was nothing naughty about the noughties if the slew of vapid post-nu metal bands is any yardstick.

Among the various also-rans languishing in the realms of ‘where are they now?’ were Florida’s Nonpoint, a band who pushed through the last decade of people not giving a shit about nu metal to the present day where they have made a comeback… sort of. The problem is, it’s just not gimmicky enough to incite feelings of nostalgia, although thank goodness they haven’t chosen to continue the Nickelback-ish hard rock patter of 2010’s Miracle. The Return is a bit like an album of Ill Niño b-sides without the Latin influence, or even worse, Creed: all over-produced throaty vocals and inoffensively chunky hooks. With titles like Misery, Razors and F**K’D they’ll be lapped up by the angsty contingent, but if you’re looking for a reason to dig out your marquee-sized jeans, this ain’t it.

Via Metal Blade