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Night Demon - Darkness Remains album review

New Wave Of The Old Wave Of The New Wave…

Cover art for Night Demon - Darkness Remains album

The concept of ‘traditional’ metal can be a tough one to wrap your head around. Californian axe-wielders Night Demon are young dudes dedicated bone-deep to the galloping bass and soaring harmonies of the long lost New Wave Of British Heavy Metal.

Why sound like 1979 if you don’t have to? Because 1979 was pretty goddamn magnificent when it came to all the things hard and heavy, as evidenced by the Maiden-esque chug of Hallowed Ground, the Motörhead-y thrash of Maiden Hell or the Sabbath-soaked neo-doom of Stranger In The Room. And honestly, how many people even heard Angel Witch the first time around anyway?

For most, Night Demon will sound new and vital, and they ought to. Pure headbanging bliss.