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Nexilva: Eschatologies

Sunderland youngsters unleash a dizzying tech-metal debut

The conveyor belt of talented musicians being churned out by the tech-metal factory shows little sign of slowing down. Following a stint at Tech Fest that got tongues wagging, Nexilva have taken their first opportunity to demonstrate their skills to the masses.

Those who enjoy blistering riffs and complex arrangements will find much to love on the likes of Cybernetic Lucidity and the chugging Premonitions, but their real pedigree is just how heavy they are.

The likes of The Misdirection Of God crackle with scathing intensity, with the black metal opulence of lush keyboards giving a majestic grandiosity to the title track. The flamboyant ivory-tinkling also helps distinguish tracks from the murderous onslaught.

Aside from the odd choice of having a three-part instrumental interlude, Eschatologies is an inventive and exciting debut.