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Native Construct: Quiet World

Bonkers but brilliant prog-metallers graduate with honours

The members of Native Construct were discovered by Metal Blade’s Brian Slagel at the Berklee College Of Music – where the co-founders of Dream Theater also got their start some 30 years earlier. Just like Dream Theater, Native Construct think bigger than most.

The music is loud, colourful, intricate and smart, so it’s no surprise to learn that Quiet World, their debut album, is comprised of seven lengthy, conceptually linked pieces spread over just under an hour.

Opening track Mute sets the scene, switching from rock to metal and jazz-fusion, juxtaposing clean vocals with deathly growls, and even adding dollops of lounge and cinema music. It’s every bit as bonkers as that must sound; guaranteed to exasperate anybody weaned upon easy tempos and predictable choruses.

That the trio made such a vibrant album in between lectures is borderline incredible, though credit goes to a mix from Rich Mouser (of DT, Transatlantic and Spock’s Beard fame) that helps to make them sound so cohesive./o:p