Nations Afire: The Ghosts We Will Become

Where punk and emo collide.

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Featuring members of punk and hardcore stalwarts Ignite, Rise Against and Death By Stereo, Nations Afire take the hallmarks of the scene that spawned them – particularly the chants, gang vocals and 100mph riffs of the title-track – yet appear to be peeping over the punk rock wall at a wider world outside.

But they must have gone through some kind of musical wormhole, as they appear to have landed in 2002; the meaty punk that comes naturally to them weaving itself into the turn-of-the-century emo of early My Chemical Romance and The Used.

Unfortunately the shiny melodies and chest-beating vocals are unsalvageably tainted by the hideous, Staind-flavoured acousto-whinge of Even The Blackest Heart Still Beats.