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My Ruin: The Sacred Mood

Tairrie B and her crew combine the sacred and the profane

On their new offering The Sacred Mood, My Ruin build on their signature sound by combining elements of stoner metal, Southern rock and hardcore. Multi-instrumentalist Mick Murphy along with bassist Luciano Ferrea provides a backdrop of heavy grooves, monstrous bass and squealing guitar solos, against which Tairrie B delivers her scathing, saturnine vocals in low husky tones and furious screams.

Through her lyrics Tairrie is always keen to divulge the brutal truth in an acerbic yet eloquent way and The Sacred Mood is no different; from Monolith Of Wrath’s insomniac blues to Heretic Dreams’ anti-pious poetry, her pen is as poisonous as ever. _ _

_God Is A Girl With A Butcher Knife _begins with sultry spoken-word verses before building up into a whirlwind of pure visceral anger, while Insomniac Moon has dense, lush ambient sounds. The album ends, unexpectedly, with a thoroughly enjoyable cover of Elvis’s Trouble, in which Tairrie shrieks ‘I’m evil!’ with palpable glee. With huge backbeats and riffs galore, this album won’t disappoint fans.