My Children My Bride - Vicious World album review

The metalcore-meets-Marilyn Manson formula remains unperfected

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Quite where My Children My Bride have been since their self-titled third album was released five years ago we can’t say, but what we do know is that in that time they’ve signed to a new label… and presumably been listening to a lot of old Marilyn Manson albums. There seems to be something in the genetic make-up of metalcore bands that forces them to inject a whole load of industrial gothic God Of Fuck-isms into their mid-period material. Vicious World is by no means a terrible record; often, like on the crushing Act II: Sonar, it’s very enjoyable, but it’s desperately let down by the kind of horrendously camp and croaky Manson karaoke you hear on THORNS or the wet flannel electronics of deeply pointless instrumental The Fountain. While the attempt to diversify is certainly commendable, the results aren’t beautiful, people.