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Mudhoney: Vanishing Point

The grungest of all grunge bands ride again.

As their peers hit the comeback trail, grunge pioneers Mudhoney, the ones that never got away, celebrate 25 consistent years of scuzz and snark with their ninth album.

That nothing much has changed in their world is to be celebrated – their tongue is still rammed firmly into their cheek, alongside a vial of vitriol, while their sound is as super-fuzzy as ever and, if it’s possible, even more loyal to the kingdom of Pop than they have been in the past.

I Don’t Remember You basically revisits Iggy’s I’m Bored, nodding to Seattle home-town hero Hendrix with a sneering ‘‘Scuse me while I fill the shopping cart’, and kicking sarcastic sand in the face of chancers they don’t care about all in one glorious fell swoop. It’s mean, it’s hilarious and it’s a thrill to listen to.

This is punk rock at its snotty, hilarious best, rattling along on a 100mph wave of smart, deadly one-liners and beautifully abrasive riffs. Balls to mellowing with age, Mudhoney’s way sounds loads more fun.