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Matt Andersen: Weightless

Carefully crafted compositions by the acclaimed Canadian.

Anyone who has seen Matt Andersen will testify for his captivating live performances, powerful voice and strongly themed lyrics.

His follow-up to 2011’s Coal Mining Blues rewards the listener with a rich texture of blues and Americana supplemented by excellent songwriting. Backed by a superb cast of session musicians, it’s apparent from opener_ I Lost My Way_ that there’s more than a touch of class to the arrangements.

Andersen’s excellent vocals and melodies make Weightless stand up to repeated listening. With such strong compositions, highlights are hard to single out; to mention the poignant So Easy, the bouncing feelgood title track and the contrasting heavy guitar lines and hard-hitting narrative of The Fight barely touches the surface. It’s all held together by Grammy award-winning producer Steve Berlin, who ensures that Andersen has never sounded better in the studio.

Via True North Records