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Major Accident - Pneumatic Pneurosis album review

For fans of Sham 69, Blitz and Cock Sparrer

Major Accident Pneumatic Pneurosis album cover

Originally released on Flicknife Records in 1985, Pneumatic Pneurosis compiles the complete 45rpm output of Darlington’s Clockwork punk/Oi! Mob.

Like Ipswich contingent The Adicts, Major Accident couldn’t get enough of Stanley Kubrick’s vision of Anthony Burgess’s A Clockwork Orange, an influence writ large in their boots-‘n’-bowlers get ups and little bit of Ludwig Van on The Glorious 9th (what neo-classical metal would’ve sounded like if Yngwie Malmsteen had gone to borstal).

Elsewhere, ‘83 debut single Mr Nobody sets out the band’s stall with the clipped punk guitars and football-terrace choruses that fuel other outstanding tracks such as Leaders Of Tomorrow, Respectable, The Man On The Wall and bonus early tracks Warboots and Terrorist Gang.

For the old guard, Pneumatic Pneurosis is an enjoyable stomp down a litter-strewn Memory Lane. For the current crop of shaved heads, Major Accident are the blueprint for 21st-century street punks like Evil Conduct, the London Skinhead Crew and Lars Frederiksen’s Old Firm Casuals.