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Lucifer Star Machine's The Devil's Breath: heavy-duty, puke-on-your-shoes rock’n’roll

UK sleaze dealers Lucifer Star Machine serve up a feast of bracing motor-rock on The Devil's Breath

Lucifer Star Machine: The Devil's Breath
(Image: © The Sign Records)

Fourth album from these unrepentant British fire spitters. The beauty of this band is that everything is right up-front. 

From the album’s cover (a gorgeous, Famous Monsters-y painting of a bloodied but unbowed Satan) to hammer-to-the-head song titles like Eat Dust and Evil Blood, Lucifer Star Machine let you know from the first chord that this is gonna be about blood, guts and searing, heavy-duty, puke-on-your-shoes rock’n’roll.

Stylistically they wrap frequently pretty 50s-era melodies around brain-rattling punk’n’roll guitars and slather it all in a grimy, greasy atmosphere of some neon-splattered B-movie. 

Highlights include the Misfits-y death crooner Baby When You Cry, the hooky sleaze rock of Midnight Crawler, and the punky scream-along anthem Cruel Hearts

The title song is a fucking ballad, but luckily for the more feral rockers among us they stick that one at the end.