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Lost Society: Terror Hungry

Mustaine megafans sally forth with their second outing

“What Would Dave Mustaine Do?” Surely this slogan was scrawled in tall, chunky black letters across the rehearsal studio whiteboard – the rallying cry for Lost Society’s sophomore release and the Socratic answer to every question posed during its recording.

“Should we speed up the tempo?” “What would Dave Mustaine do?” “Is this solo long enough?” “What would Dave Mustaine do?” “Anybody need another beer?” …Well, you get the picture.

Lost Society’s 2013 debut, Fast Loud Death, gleefully tapped into the boozy mayhem of old-school Bay Area thrash, watered down with unapologetically juvenile lyrics. Their sophomore outing, Terror Hungry, sees the Finnish quartet return for another bruising retro-thrash free-for-all, although what a difference a year makes.

Ambitious song structures and cocksure musicianship set Terror Hungry miles apart from its predecessor. Like Rust In Peace-era Megadeth, Terror Hungry explodes with complex rhythmic salvos, blizzards of distorted riffage and dextrous fretboard heroics, as showcased in punishing speed limit-dusters like Lethal Pleasure and Snowroad Blowout.

Although nobody’s reinventing the wheel here, Terror Hungry is a hook-heavy beatdown that stands among the year’s better thrash outings to date.