Like Moths To Flames: An Eye For An Eye

Ohio’s metalcore also-rans fail to answer their existential plight

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It might be tough, but sometimes you really ought to ask yourself some pretty soul-searching questions: why are we here? What’s the point of it all?

Moths To Flames would be well advised to take a moment to quietly consider the purpose of their existence, because, while there is nothing inherently wrong with An Eye For An Eye, this is an album so derivative, so predictable and so one-dimensional that you have to wonder if they have any self-awareness at all.

It contains all the hallmarks of every modern metal record of the past decade copied and pasted into a series of indistinguishable, yet vaguely catchy songs. The screamed verses, melodeath lead guitar lines, forced emotional choruses and identikit beatdowns are present on every track, but without ever pinning you back against the wall like good metal should.

Had it been released in 2001, this may have sounded fresh, but in 2013 Like Moths To Flames leave you with more to ponder than conclude. Although “Should I buy this album?” is one question fairly easily answered.