Kyla Brox: Throw Away Your Blues

Northern songstress takes her own sweet time.

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Kyla Brox knows how to handle the gears. While a more callow singer might come belting out of the blocks, the Mancunian vocalist understands dynamics, letting each song percolate, raising the temperature by degrees, then giving it both barrels in the final stretch. It’s a thrilling tactic, with If You See Him building from treacle-tempo trudge to lung-flaying crescendo, and Lifting The Blues spiralling from breathy whisper to dog-whistle outro.

Beyond the vocal, Brox’s songs are consistently strong. There’s fun in the housework-shunning Run Our Home, but most affecting is the love letter to her children on I Will Love You More (_‘When there’s lines upon my face, when I’m lyin_g in my grave, I will love you more’).