Klogr - Keystone album review

Environmentally aware alt-metallers seek to raise the spirits

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Now into their sixth year of existence, Klogr (pronounced Key-Log-Are) hail jointly from the Italian town of Carpi and San Diego, California. The quartet’s alt-metal simmers with mild progressive overtones that allow the listener to engage fully with their often environmentally conscious lyrics. The band’s third full-length sees them grapple with the concept that mankind is merely a guest on this planet, which, according to the band, could easily exist without us. That a producer of the stature of David Bottril (Rush, Smashing Pumpkins, Tool, Peter Gabriel) would step up to mix Klogr’s work speaks volumes of their musicianship and integrity. You seek crisp, mid-paced, detuned metal with authoritative, mostly clean vocals with occasional borderline growls and a mood of spiritual wellbeing? Well, it’s time this fine band were on your radar.