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Kansas: Miracles Out Of Nowhere

To the point of know return...

From the cosy glow of their 40th anniversary, the reconciled Kansas guys are happy to tell their story. The good story that is; the one that goes from organising a ‘free beer’ local show to pull a crowd for the record company to headlining New York’s Madison Square Gardens five years later.

With Midwestern honesty, they remember their musical chemistry, determination, hard graft and “miraculous coincidences” before hitting paydirt with Leftoverture and their signature hit, Carry On Wayward Son.

They pay fulsome tribute to impresario Don Kirshner who signed them, supported them – and nabbed their publishing before they even knew what it was. They bear no grudge, they admit they would never have made it without him. But the story stops before the 80s when it all got messy.

There’s a few live snippets as well and the accompanying CD has 13 of their best, segued by soundbites that could become annoying./o:p