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Kadavar: Berlin

If it ain’t stiff, it ain’t worth a fick.

This is how you open an album. Like Sabbath covering The Stooges’ TV Eye, Lord Of The Sky is a sideburn-grabbing call to action from bristly German trio Kadavar.

Although they barely come out of the red for the superb stoner fuzz stomp Last Living Dinosaur, Berlin is Kadavar 2.0; cleaner, more inventive production, broader palette (although still 70s-centred), stratospheric energy. And if you want hooks, they got ’em – Christoph Lindemann’s psychedelic riffola has been drop-kicked by the pithy groove of new bassist Simon Bouteloup, with welcome preposterous results (Stolen Dreams is just ridiculous).

Songcraft has leapt on apace, too, with linear rock progressions ditched in favour of folk-rock pomp on Old Man, MC5 rowdiness on Filthy Illusion, and heavy psych bluster on Into The Night. See The World With Your Own Eyes might even be the best post-SF Sorrow Pretty Things song the Pretties never wrote.

If you’re planning a city break, Berlin is worth the trip.

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