Junior Bruce – Endless Descent album review

Catalysm-causing riffs dredged up from the Sunshine State by Junior Bruce. Read our album review here...

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Telling the tale of one man’s attempt to rescue his love from the underworld and then examining how his actions have unwittingly caused legions of beasts to unleash Hell on Earth, these Florida natives’ second album is a bullish and blustering blast of sludge-laden stoner rock.

Unashamedly worshipping at the altars of Kyuss and High On Fire and compelled by the power of the riff throughout, what the quintet lack in originality they more than make up for with pure, primal power. Opener Lapis Philosophorum serves as an exhilarating scene-setter and is full of Blues For The Red Sun-steeped grooves and leather-lunged vocals from Scott Angelacos, while the distorted, bass-driven Lion’s Teeth is as biting as the title suggests. The most complex offering on the 10-track opus is The Worthless Ones and it’s also the album’s undeniable highlight. Stretching JB’s musical muscles by throwing some classic rock guitar licks and powerhouse drumming into the mix, it marks them out as real contenders.