Jungle Rot: Order Shall Prevail

Rudimentary death metallers still frolicking in the foliage

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Before you frown upon discovering a genuine death metal act signed to Victory in 2015, remember that Jungle Rot have had more in common with hardcore and Pro-Pain than with Cannibal Corpse.

And it’s Max Cavalera guesting on the song Fight Where You Stand, not Glen Benton. Indeed, the simple structures, Neanderthal chugs the band call riffs, and lobotomised thrash beats make Obituary sound like mathrock. These have all been parts of Jungle Rot modus operandi since day one, each of their previous seven albums created with the same blunt axe forged in the heat of a Vietnamese swamp, with Order Shall Prevail just an updated version of their 1997 debut, Slaughter The Weak. This barebones approach, however – propelled by a modern sound and fresh blood, including a former Threat Signal drummer – is catchy if you turn off your brain. If Michael Bay did a remake of an 80s Chuck Norris action flick, this would be its soundtrack. So bring on the popcorn!