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Jimi Jamison: Never Too Late

Hail the new Desmond Child?

Last spring, Jimi Jamison and Bobby Kimball hired Eric Mårtensson as part of a team of writers and producers for a collaborative album. The results were such that Jamison – who rejoined Survivor that same year – happily handed the reins of this solo release to WET/Eclipse man Mårtensson alone.

Even by the towering standards of past collaborations with Giant, Toby Hitchcock and First Signal, among others, the Swede has surpassed all reasonable expectations.

From the euphoria‐charged radio rock of Everybody’s Got A Broken Heart to the shimmering majesty of The Air That I Breathe and I Can’t Turn Back, the latter a ballad worthy of Survivor themselves, there’s not a below‐par tune to be heard.

Mårtensson’s dream is to write a record for Whitesnake. Old Cov should treat himself to a copy of Never Too Late.