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Jim Beviglia: Counting Down The Rolling Stones: Their 100 Finest Songs

Who’s Driving Your Plane? (81)

At first glance, and at risk of pot calling kettle black: why? What’s the point? Offering neither a reference work nor a mathematical certainty, the author (he’s done the same for Dylan and Springsteen) decides on the paradigm, the reader tuts in disbelief.

If that’s too mean-spirited, then take the concept for what it is: a parlour game with no winners. Beviglia backs up his opinions, though insight is not an issue, and if he’s intending to encourage debate it can only be a mild one.

Wild Horses (23) sounds like Gram Parsons. Get Off Of My Cloud (22) is a metaphor for the band’s pressure cooker lives. Let It Bleed (76). Laugh I Nearly Died (40). Satisfaction? (11). Not so much.

Spoiler alert: least fine is (One Hit) To The Body. And the winner is… Jumpin’ Jack Flash. Nah. Sway (not in) maybe. Or Moonlight Mile (6).

Classic Rock 221: Stuff

Max Bell worked for the NME during the golden 70s era before running up and down London’s Fleet Street for The Times and all the other hot-metal dailies. A long stint at the Standard and mags like The Face and GQ kept him honest. Later, Record Collector and Classic Rock called.