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James Armstrong: Guitar Angels

Underrated Californian guitarist sizzles on new album.

After a lengthy hiatus from the studio following three highly regarded late-90s releases, guitarist James Armstrong quietly returned with 2011’s acclaimed Blues At The Border, his first album in a decade.

Guitar Angels is certain to build upon the momentum created by the previous release, the album sizzling with talent, charisma and energy.

Armstrong is a skilled blues guitarist, but he also displays an impressive mastery of the vocabulary of soul, rock, and gospel. His Healing Time incorporates jazzy instrumentation, gospel reverence, and warm vocals to support an emotional tale. A cover of Don Henley’s Take It To The Limit eschews country-rock flavour in favour of cascading blues licks, while the autobiographical title track is a blessing, soulful vocals and inspirational lyrics accompanied by elegant fretwork.

Guitar Angels is a great introduction to the charms of the criminally underrated James Armstrong.

Via Catfood Records