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Izegrim: Congress Of The Insane

Dutch death metallers straddle the old and new schools

The opening chords of Relic Of The Past bring Morbid Angel to mind, but from the second riff on, we are in classic Carcass country. Sitting somewhere between Necroticism: Descanting The Salubrious and Heartwork, this is melodic DM that features plenty of hooks and catchy choruses.

It’s not just because bassist/vocalist Marloes Voskuil is female that Arch Enemy comparisons sometimes crop up, but Izegrim are a slightly harder-hitting and weightier proposition. Celebration Gunfire in particular showcases their ability to blend a singalong chorus with face-punching dynamics, the production walking that fine line between the grit needed to satisfy the old-school DM fans and the clarity favoured by newer metalheads.

The songs are razor-sharp and catchy enough to stick around, and although this isn’t the most original or groundbreaking band ever, these Dutch metallers are well worth a listen.