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Inglorious - II album review

Five-piece give classic rock a new coat of paint

Cover art for Inglorious - II album

As brazenly and unashamedly old-school as fringed leather jackets and Flying V guitars, Inglorious’s second album bears all the hallmarks of their debut that got men in ill-fitting Whitesnake tops and Converse sneakers all aflutter. Kevin Shirley’s mix might have given this a sheen their first album lacked, but there’s nothing else here that will surprise any Inglorious fan.

Nathan James’s vocals have a remarkable knack of sounding like Glenn Hughes, David Coverdale and, on occasion – Hell Or High Water – Graham Bonnet when he was fronting MSG. It’s quite the feat.

That said, so fully transfixed are they on aping 70s rock classics – a Deep Purple riff here, a UFO lick there – that at times they’re in danger of sounding like a very versatile covers band. God only knows how many copies of Stormbringer and Burn they’ve gone through.

Very adept, then, but only occasionally enlivening.