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Infernäl Mäjesty - No God album review

Veteran thrashers set their targets on the powers that be

Cover art for Infernäl Mäjesty - No God album

They may have made their name playing lightning-fast thrash metal, but when it comesto releasing records, these Canadians are as slow as a proverbial snail. This fourth album ends a 13-year wait for new material and sees the veterans, who recently celebrated their 30th anniversary, debut a new rhythm section and some different vocal styles from frontman Chris Bailey. Heaving with sturdy thrash songs such as Extinction Level Event and Another Day In Hell, the opus serves as a missing link between their thunderous 1987 debut, None Shall Defy, and its sequel, Unholier Than Thou, and oldschool fans will enjoy the likes of the utterly vicious Signs Of Evil as well as the lively opener, Enter The World Of The Undead. Powerful and precise overall, No God would have made a stronger impact if some of the fat had been trimmed off. Systematical Extermination and Kingdom Of Heaven are unremarkable romps, but the politically charged House Of War helps to redress the balance.