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Imperial State Electric - All Through The Night album review

Celebration of pure rock’n’roll from former Hellacopters man

Finally, Imperial State Electric frontman Nicke Andersson reveals his new prog-suite concept album that unpicks the basis of string theory through the medium of complicated time signatures.

We’re joking, obviously. As you’d expect from the former Hellacopters man, All Through The Night is stuffed with rollicking rock’n’roll that’s as classic as the Levi 501s/white tee/leather jacket combo, as flash as a top-down Ford Mustang and as American (despite the band being Swedish) as aerosol cheese. And it’s great – some formulas just don’t need messing with.

From the peacocking psych of opener Empire Of Fire to a lush country duet with Linn Segolson on Break It Down to the Petty worship of All Through The Night, the album deftly swerves the perils of the retro cul-de-sac and zips along with maximum, living-for-the-moment attitude, instantly memorable hooks and a palpable love for the art form in all its grease-stained glory.