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Ilsa: Intoxicantations

Gnarly drug-soaked crusty doom

Coming up with original cover art 30 years into metal’s history is no easy matter but Ilsa’s Intoxicantations is definitely the first album we’ve seen to feature a tiger’s head with a tab of LSD on its tongue surrounded by drug paraphernalia. At least the only one we can remember.

It’s an apt metaphor though for a beast of an album that draws heavily upon narcotic and occult themes. The songs themselves are a murky brew encapsulating a number of genres, despite what is a relatively straightforward sound. Old-school death metal raises its ugly head, morbid sludge/doom abounds, as do screamed lyrics and huge crushing riffs and crust punk, too.

It’s a filthily organic affair, the crushing percussion battling with walls of wailing feedback. If you like your music torturous and unfettered by niceties, this is well worth a look.