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Hunter & The Bear - Paper Heart album review

Days of future passed

Cover art for Hunter & The Bear - Paper Heart album

They’ve already had their ‘rock and roll’s future’ moment in the Huffington Post, so if writer Luke Chandley is managing Hunter & The Bear in a year’s time it’s probably safe to put your house on them.

This British guitar-driven quartet’s stirring rock is the perfect tonic for jaded palates. Their controlled power and intensity hits all the right spots and is going to sound good in arenas if and when they get there. You could call it anthemic, except that implies trite, vacuous slogans and other clichés that Hunter & The Bear studiously avoid. Instead they focus on the people they see and hear around them, coming up with their own observational style that connects as directly as the music. The album also displays the confidence of a band who know they’ve already nailed it live.