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Honest John Plain And The Landslide Ladies: Honest Alive

Punk-pop exemplar airs lost classics.

He’s played with everyone from The Lurkers to Ian Hunter, and is officially best-known for being one of power-punk greats The Boys. But Honest John Plain has hung somewhat on the fringes of rock music for decades now, apparently quite happily.

The Landslide Ladies are an Italian rock band who’ve played with Dogs D’Amour, Sham 69 and others, and toured with Plain in 2012. This album is a studio recreation of that tour set, and like all records of its kind it’s good as far as it goes.

The band and Plain are solid and fun, the songs are well chosen (and any record with The First Time, TCP and Plain’s great New Guitar In Town can’t be all bad) and it is what it is.