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High Hopes: Sights And Sounds

Reading hardcore hopefuls offer a feast for the senses

This British quintet’s second release (their first since signing to Victory) has a ton of good songs, with Nick Brooks’ raspy vocals providing an awesome focal point amid the crushing riffs and the melodic, interweaving guitarwork.

Vanguard and the title track see these interact in perfect unison, making for some of the most exciting tracks on the album. As further examples of High Hopes’ emotional spectrum, the clean vocals and layer of melancholy in The Greater Plan sees them at their most poignant and hooky, and closing track Revelation shows them at their most fierce and full pelt.

The album’s not without its flaws; The Callout is comparatively unmemorable and many tracks are allowed to unceremoniously fade out.

The band’s use of builds and moments of instrumental calm make up for a lot, though, as does the fact that they’re not trying to follow trends, instead simply making the kind of music they want to hear and on their own terms.