Helmet - Dead To The World album review

Alt.metal kingpins get heavy enough to wake the dead.

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Frontman Page Hamilton is the only constant in Helmet’s ever-changing universe, but he can always be relied on to come back into our lives without having mellowed in the slightest. Dead To The World is Helmet’s eighth studio album, and finds them marking the territory they rightfully own by stamping it with some of the heaviest, most earth-shaking riffs you’ll hear this year.

It’s not all as one-dimensional as pure brute force though. While opener Life Or Death finds Hamilton in drill sergeant mode, the dreamy, deeply grungy Bad News and Expect The World reveal themselves as the moody cousins of Alice In Chains’ most oppressive moments, while the gnarly lyrics of Green Shirt are dressed up in a surprisingly punky, poppy bounce.

It may not quite give you the sheer electric shock jolt of their classic Meantime and Betty albums, but Helmet are still capable of bloodying your nose from 100 paces.