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Hard Working Americans - We’re All In This Together album review

Supergroup of sorts jam for America

Cover art Hard Working Americans - We’re All In This Together album

Todd Snider is a grittily literate, romantic and political singer songwriter, put on the Americana map by East Nashville Skyline (2004). With Hard Working Americans, his band since 2013, his lyrics are usefully roughed up in a near-jam-band part of town. This supergroup from the bohemian margins also includes Neal Casal, an Americana stalwart now with the Chris Robinson Brotherhood, and southern rock royalty Duane Trucks on drums.

softwareuiphraseguid=“0cb7425e-de12-4316-be98-1ecdf6ee0ff6”>SOFTWAREmark” gingersoftwareuiphraseguid=“0cb7425e-de12-4316-be98-1ecdf6ee0ff6” id=“c6159633-88cb-4e2d-a002-760c881769bf”>We’re All In This Together, a live album recorded mostly in Birmingham, Alabama, catches them in their element. I Don’t Have A Gun finds Snider the crazed liberal rock’n’roll preacher inspiring “my fellow hippies” in the deep south into an anti-gun singalong, screaming guitars and runaway-train jams come as standard, Chuck Berry is covered and Elvis quoted, in a return to rowdy fundamentals which also shames the greed-heads who give the lie to the album’s name, and necessitate the band’s.