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Goldblade: The Terror Of Modern Life

Punk’s not dead – it’s living in Manchester.

Few remain to fight the punk rock fight in as dedicated a fashion as Goldblade’s John Robb. Finding the band (political) partying like it’s 1979, Goldblade’s sixth album is musically about as groundbreaking as a marshmallow shovel, but that’s not really the point.

The Terror Of Modern Life displays its influences like a badge of honour – full-pelt Dead Kennedys social sarcasm in Psycho Takes A Holiday, ramshackle Clash energy in Sick/Tired, a dash of Sex Pistols sneer in the Big Society-baiting We’re All In This Together, and a pinch of Misfits monstrousness in Someone Stole My Brain.

But as equipment hums, bass rumbles and Robb bellows over joyfully insistent melodies, it becomes clear that The Terror Of Modern Life is the sound of a band hopelessly in love with the music that made them, and what could be more fun than that?