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Gin Lady - Call The Nation album review

Hard rock, clinically perfected.

Gin Lady Call The Nation album cover

Plenty of bands use 70s hard rock as a launchpad but not many use it as clinically and cleanly as Swedish quartet Gin Lady. They probably wore lab coats over their bell-bottoms at the recording sessions.

Their forensic approach yields dividends; the riff to the opening I Can’t Change is a perfect amalgam of Brown Sugar and Start Me Up and the chorus has a viral quality, albeit a freshly scrubbed virus. Ain’t No Use sounds like the Faces as if they’d never had a drink and Country Landslide takes a similarly teetotal approach to southern rock. There’s a gleam to the shrill guitar rhythms that exudes a fluoride-protected ring of confidence.

They don’t often deviate from the prescribed formula – although the funky beat that underpins the title track adds some spontaneous-sounding variety. Mainly though it seems that they want to preserve their sound from contaminating influences such as punk.