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Forgotten Tomb - We Owe You Nothing album review

Former depressive BM crew begin to get their groove on

Cover art for Forgotten Tomb - We Owe You Nothing album

According to the genre-spicing Italians themselves, Forgotten Tomb’s albums can be divided into trilogies. Ninth full-length We Owe You Nothing marks the end of their third trilogy and is the sludgiest-sounding opus the former depressive black metal band have made to date. A record that had a painful birth – mostly due to singer/guitarist Ferdinando Marchisio’s life-threatening car accident, which left him unable to play for months – the six songstrong release sees the workhorses evolve into a catchier and more muscular unit as they explore and expand on their punk (Abandon Everything) and stoner influences (the title track is decidedly Down-esque) while retaining the bile-fuelled blackened bite of old (Longing For Decay, Black Overture). Their aforementioned vocalist is their MVP throughout the record and his John Tardy-like growls – and occasional, guttural ‘Ooooh’s! – are diabolically good fun.