Fireroad - Flesh, Blood & Bone album review

A working-class hero is something to be

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With a lyrical focus on the struggles of blue-collar folk, this second album from Welsh rockers Fireroad is heartfelt, honest and – most importantly – seriously rocking. It’s all here, from AC/DC to the inevitable comparison with Stereophonics, but ultimately main songwriter Rich Jones and co. easily transcend their influences to create something that is truly their own.

Key tracks Light As A Feather, Second Hand Soldier and All We Have form the emotional heart of the album, especially the latter with its slow-building, proudly defiant momentum, and the theatrical power of these songs is complemented by the more immediate pile-driving grooves of Minute, Bones and The Raven. Thematically strong and musically impeccable, this is rock’n’roll with depth and feeling.