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Exhumed - Death Revenge album review

San Jose death/grind veterans come back up for air

Cover art for Exhumed - Death Revenge album

Graduates from the Carcass school of death/grind, Exhumed are now on their fourth post-reunion album, and it only cements the more melodic and thrashy direction now being pursued. Mainman Matt Harvey’s recent forays into classic death metal and old-school heavy metal with Gruesome and Pounder are probably to blame. Maybe it’s also down to the Californians finally learning to play their instruments, but after a few halfhearted releases, there’s some serious killer classic headbanging shit on Death Revenge, even if a healthy dose of blastbeatsmake sure this is more akin to Necroticism than Swansong. For the first time, Exhumed have a loose album concept, delving into the true story of two 19th century Scottish grave robbers, all of which makes the smell of the freshly dug-up cemetery dirt even more potent.