Emma King: Emma King

British singer’s debut is callow yet promising.

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Young English artist King studied at Brighton Institute Of Modern Music, and she’s been honing her nascent talent across the US and Europe. Recorded at London’s Snap Studios and mixed in Abbey Road, her slick debut album showcases a gifted singer and performer.

The brassy Devil City places her in Sheryl Crow/Shania Twain country, her voice and poppy harmonies like those of a greener Christina Aguilera or Joss Stone. All The Other Fools is a good song that with a more seasoned delivery could be brilliant, but others (the breezily bland Keep It Coming, the overlong Rollin’ In) could well have been written by an app.

It’s a lightweight affair in places, but King’s clearly got the goods – she just needs and deserves an experienced team to help realise her full potential.