Duel - Witchbanger album review

Welcome to 1975 forever

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If you think you already know what an album called Witchbanger sounds like, well, you most definitely do. Also, if you’ve ever sorta hoped that Electric Wizard would just speed the fuck up and get on with it, then you are in for a real treat. Also, I’m 107 per cent sure if you sync this album up with Blood On Satan’s Claw, it matches up better than that Pink Floyd/ Wizard Of Oz thing. Also if we stripped Austin, Texas down to just four guys (and four ratty Black Sabbath shirts), it’d be the dudes in Duel. Also, if you’ve been meaning to read Jules Michelet’s Satanism And Witchcraft but haven’t had the time, it’s basically all covered in the first three songs on this record. Also, if you don’t listen to this on vinyl, then you’ve defeated Duel’s purpose entirely and should probably quit rock’n’roll right now.